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Title: Service With a Smile
Fandom: AtLA
Pairing: Azula/Ozai/Katara
Rating: PORN
Notes: AU, with Katara serving as a captured trophy mistress

Disclaimer: I own not, you sue not.


Service With a Smile


They led her down the corridor in chains, naked save for two scraps of something that barely qualified as clothing in her mind. A waist belt of gold that sat low on her hips, with two red silken panels hanging from it. And a matching red silk bikini top with a gold-chain halter strap. Her hair had been pulled into a delicately curled tail-style topknot, her lips painted a dark blood-red.

No, it was not the first "service" she'd performed for the Fire Nation royal family since Prince Zuko had taken her prisoner from her Southern Water Tribe home a month ago, and she doubted it would be the last. Though oddly enough, the Princess' chambers were the only ones she'd been in. She didn't mind it too much, either. Not as much as she'd expected. The Princess was...interesting in that regard, in that she seemed to get just as much out of satisfying as she did being sated herself. And compared to what she'd feared, that was about as good a deal as she could hope for.

Tonight, she'd been told, the Fire Lord himself wanted to see her. Apparently, the Princess had given her a glowing review.

Lucky me.

They stopped in front of the large red marble doors with the carved dragons adorning them, and the lead guard reached forward to ring the gold knock three times.

The door opened a minute later, revealing Fire Lord Ozai clothed in a crimson silk evening robe. He smiled, sweeping an arm invitingly into the room. "Welcome, child. I was expecting you."

She scowled at the diminutive. She was hardly a child. Though to someone his age she supposed she might be. The guards pushed her forward into the room, handing him the keys to her chains and closing the door behind with an ominous grind.

His chambers were as cavernous and lavish as she'd imagined. Decorated richly but tastefully. In the center stood an elegant fourposter bed with a gilded frame and red silk canopy, the heavier brocade curtains drawn to reveal the sheer ones beneath. And through them, she faintly saw another figure lying on it. For a moment she thought it might be his wife, and wondered just what in the hell was up with this family.

He moved behind her, unlocking the chains and carefully unbinding her. "We won't be needing these ghastly things, I assure you. Why they bother with them, I'll never know. Unnecessary, but what can you do? They're guards."

She said nothing, but rubbed her wrists as he moved back in front of her, looking her over. "Mmm...Katara, is it?"

She swallowed thickly, nodding and averting her eyes.

"Nice..." he murmured, and she could practically feel his gaze raking her. "Very nice. I believe my idiot son finally did something right for a change. I'll have to commend him. Though he's always had a taste for the exotic." He reached out, twirling a bit of her hair between his fingers. "Princess Azula has told me much about you. I've been eager to see for myself."

He turned, heading toward his bed and beckoning her. She took in a breath, following him hesitantly, and blinking when he went to his dresser instead. "Don't be afraid, little one," he said as he took one of the small, ornate jars from the top of it. "I don't bite, I promise."

He turned back to her, taking out the stopper. The warm scents of jasmine and ylang-ylang wafted out, with notes of musk and just a hint of amber. He offered the jar to her. "Go ahead, put some on."

She took it in trembling hands, putting a couple dabs behind her ears and some at the sides of her neck.

"There. We're not the complete monsters you feared, I hope," he said as he stoppered the bottle and put it back on the dresser.

"N-Not at all," she said, trying to ignore the way her head fogged pleasantly at the scent of the perfume.

He brushed the sheer curtain to the bed aside, sitting at the edge of it and holding out his hand as he turned to the reclined figure behind the veil. "You were right. She is most lovely. I can see why you've been requesting her."

A hard knot hit her stomach. Princess? What on earth...?

The figure leaned forward, and now she could tell they were very much naked. "Of course, daddy. Zuzu isn't the only one with exotic taste here."

Ozai smiled, leaning in to kiss her soundly on the mouth. "Quite right, Zula. Quite right." He looked back to Katara, stroking a thumb over her knuckles. "You're welcome to get comfortable, my dear."

She swallowed hard, head spinning. The Fire Lord. And his own daughter. This was unreal. But she was not about to make any objections. After all, a good rapport with the Royal Family would keep her out of much bigger trouble than what was looking like a very strange but oddly inviting 'good time.'

As she'd done before Azula so many times, Katara arched her back, winding her hands behind her and undoing the clasp to her top. She lifted it away with a smooth, careful stretch, dropping it beside her on the floor before going for the bottom half of her costume. A tiny clasp at her hip that she quickly unhooked, before letting the garment fall to the floor with a quiet, silken rustle.

He moved back further on the bed to make room for her, giving her another obvious once-over as Azula's hands perched on his shoulders.

"I told you she was your type, daddy." She grinned up at her, sliding her hands forward over his chest. "Go ahead, show him what you've got."

I can't believe I'm doing this...

She began to pose a little, showing off the things that she knew men were supposed to like, occasionally running a hand down her thigh, over her hip, or along her shoulders. Ozai's gaze followed her, as though recording every movement to enjoy later. She let her teeth catch her lower lip as her hands settled over her breasts, tugging her nipples between her fingers.

"Hmm... Definitely liking." He reached out a hand to her, inviting. "Perhaps a closer look?"

She slid one hand to her side, taking his with the other. The way his gaze drifted over her was...oddly pleasant. Even moreso as she knelt one knee on the edge of the bed, letting him run a hand along her hip.

She shivered. His touch was warm, hands slightly roughened, thick and strong. His fingertips dipped into the crease of her leg, the sensation making her teeth catch her lip. Azula held a hand out to her as well, lacing their fingers. "Come on, just relax with us."

Ozai smiled, smoothing his daughter's hair. "She's more familiar with you, I think. Maybe you should...get her comfortable first."

Azula smirked, but didn't answer. Not with words, anyway. Like she'd done so many times on her own bed, she gently pulled on Katara's hand, coaxing her close and meeting her with a kiss. Katara let her eyes drift closed as that arm circled her waist and that warm hand cupped her cheek, and she leaned into that soft, familiar heat with a groan of pleasure.

A rustle of sheets told her Ozai was lying down next to them to watch, and the sound of skin against skin told her how much he was enjoying the show. She didn't have to open her eyes when Azula's lips wound down to her neck, but she did anyway, finding herself staring at him as he lay back against the pillows, having shed his robe and his hand reaching down to touch himself as he watched them.

He was beautiful. Lean, toned muscle covered in smooth and glistening skin. Dark hair that swept past his shoulders. Pointed, aquiline features, and a surprisingly warm smile as he watched almost casually, hand languidly stroking his cock.

She chanced a look down at it with a thick swallow. It was...impressive, but not monstrous. Granted, she didn't exactly have much to compare it to, as the Princess had ordered after their first encounter that she was off-limits to everyone but the Royal Family. And certainly no one had given her anything to look at back home.

She wanted to keep looking, but her eyes fluttered closed again in a rush of lust as the Princess' lips closed around an already stiff nipple, sucking at it. Her hands threaded into that silky dark hair, holding her close as she arched into that warm mouth, letting out a shameless moan. Her mistress' hand took the opportunity to cover her other breast, lightly pinching and rubbing that soft peak until Katara thought she was going to scream. She whimpered instead, sliding one of those hands down to Azula's ass, squeezing a firm cheek needily.

She felt the Princess grin, letting her nipple go for a moment to turn back to Ozai. "You want to see how we do it first, Daddy?"

"Yes," she heard him say, much calmer and more relaxed than she would think a man could sound while so thoroughly interested. "Let me see her. I want to watch her."

Azula rose up for another soft kiss, stroking her jaw. "Just relax," she said. "Like we always do. You can even pretend he's not here..."

Katara nodded quickly, pausing only long enough to let her finish before leaning right back into that kiss, sucking on her lips and groaning as they took turns slipping each other tongue, hands roaming along smooth curves, pulling each other closer and barely remembering they had to breathe.

Those slim, soft fingers found their way down between her thighs, and Katara parted for a soft gasp as Azula spread those wet lips, drawing a single fingertip around that already tight bud. Gentle and teasing, leaning in at the same time to kiss and suck at her neck. Katara parted her legs wider, leaning back with Azula's urging until she was spread out on the bed.

The Princess loomed over her, she could feel it. That silky tongue licking her taught stomach. Up between her breasts. Trailing over to take a nipple in her mouth again. Katara gasped, pawing at her back as she murmured her name without even realizing it.

"Yes," Azula whispered. "Say it... Call for me... Beg me..."

"Please," Katara heard herself whisper. "A-Azula...please..."

Those lips were close enough that she could feel them just barely brush her own as she spoke. And god was it ever hot. "Mmmm... Please what?"

"K-Kiss me..." she murmured, sheepishly remembering they had an audience as she pointed toward her dripping slit. "Th-There..."

Azula chuckled as carefully slid herself down, stealing gentle kisses over her along the way. "No need to be so shy, you know. You can just say what you want. I love to hear you when you're like this..."

Katara gasped, as she always did, at that first brush of tongue against her lower lips. Slick and warm and always with that soothing, aching rush through her entire body. Nothing she had ever imagined before had ever felt so good as when the Princess had her mouth on her like this. Licking and lapping and tasting. Spreading her delicately with those fingers and ahhh sliding two of them inside and yes stroking them deep and slow and dear god taking her clit into that sweet heat and sucking like her life depended on it.

"Azula!..." she barely realized she was moaning. "Ahhh... D-Don't stop..."

And suddenly another hand was caressing her face. Tracing the lines of tension to relax her, smoothing over her cheeks and eyebrows. His hand, his touch warm and almost bordering on tender. "She won't," that soft voice assured her. "Just relax..."

Soft whimpers and moans poured out of her as she felt herself getting closer to that familiar peak, her hands clenching in the sheets. He leaned down, and she felt his lips brushing her temple and forehead as he rubbed and palmed her neck and shoulders, breasts and stomach.

It felt amazing. Calm and blissful even as she felt her body nearing climax. God she was so close. Everything below her waist was taught as a bowstring, almost crampingly tight. He leaned down to nuzzle her cheek, murmuring against her ear. "Don't fight it... Let it go... Just come..."

It seemed at that moment that Azula's tongue and fingers conspired to hit the exact perfect rhythm. She saw stars. White-hot pleasure flooded her veins as she gripped the bed sheets, letting her body spasm and undulate as it wanted while she moaned so hard it could have come from her toes. He nuzzled and kissed her neck as Azula wound her down with those soft playful kisses over her twitching stomach, sliding up her body until she felt those lips on her and the salty, musky taste of herself combined with Azula's tongue flooded her senses.

Ozai caressed her forehead, sitting on the bed above her as the Princess finally moved back to let him in. "You ready for more?" she asked.

She looked up at him, nodding. Still in that post-pleasure haze and frankly not even caring what he was about to do to her if it was going to feel as mind-blowing as what her mind was still trying to comprehend. He smiled.

"Azula tells me you've never had a man inside you. Is she right?"

Katara nodded again. He took her hands, pulling her up gently as he lay down beside her, and she did her best to follow their lead with her limbs made of jelly as it were. Until she straddled his hips in such a way that his cock rested right under dripping wet center, making her shiver. It was hard and smooth. Throbbing in a way that made her clench in wanting all over again.

He groaned softly, guiding himself to that entrance, using his other hand to tug at her hip. "Mmm...slow," he whispered. "Let yourself savor it..."

She sank down on him, with a moan she couldn't have silenced if she wanted to. It was tight, so tight and deep, but there was none of the pain she'd been warned against. Only a rush of pleasure like she'd never felt in her life, and it only got better from there as he used both hands now to guide her into those first gentle, testing thrusts.

His moan joined hers as she gave in to the push and pull. Dark and swaying, like the open ocean when the wind blew a certain way. Those warm hands smoothed over her thighs, her ass, giving it a strong, pleasant squeeze.

"Look at me, Katara," he said, and despite the rough passion in his voice it was still that oddly soothing baritone. "I want to see you."

She obeyed, opening her eyes to meet his. They were a blazing amber, shining in the soft torchlight. Almost hypnotic. Her hands braced on his chest, fingers trembling at the way the hard muscle twitched and reacted to her touch.

"Yes, that's it," he murmured, with a slight smile. "Don't be afraid. Touch me..."

Tiny whimpers colored every breath as her hands explored him, until she had to close her eyes again with a growing rush of pleasure as their bodies found that just-right rhythm, where every movement made her shiver as they met each other perfectly.

"Oh God... O-Ozai..."

Somewhere in the haze of it, she realized she had neglected his title. He didn't seem to give a damn as he settled those warm hands on her hips. She leaned her head back with a gasp, arching to sink even deeper onto him, wanting to take as much of him as she could. And that's when she felt Azula's hands cup her breasts, those soft lips pulling gently at her throat and ear.

"That's it, ride him. Just like that..." She turned her back to her father, grinning. "You like her, Daddy? Does she feel good?"

Ozai nodded, still not losing his smile. "She feels amazing, Zula." Katara felt him reach up to play with the ends of her hair, gently pulling her down to him as their bodies continued to move. She was beyond resisting as she felt him guide her lips onto his. A light, tentative kiss at first. But slowly building to something as deep and intense and hot as the movement of their bodies. Their tongues met and smothered each other, until she was moaning wantonly into it. It felt so good. So fucking good. As though pleasure were a blanket she had just wrapped herself in.

His arms slid up around her. Holding her, cradling her as she started to lose herself in the sensation, headed for a second peak that she knew was going to be even harder than the first. He was growling softly, very close himself by the way his muscles tightened and relaxed in time with their movements. Until finally, that final, sweet thrust hit just right, and she nearly screamed against his mouth in pleasure. He swallowed every sound as she writhed slowly, riding wave after wave of impossibly intense pleasure, her hands clenched on his shoulders.

He followed a moment later, arms crushing her to him in a way she did not mind at all as he thrust so deeply into her, kissing her with an almost primal passion, and a thick rush of warmth flowed into her. Until after a moment that she doubted could ever be long enough, they began to settle into a shaking heap.

When she finally returned to reality enough to process anything beyond the sheer exhausted bliss, she felt him smoothing her damp hair from her face.

Azula chuckled somewhere above her. "Mmmm... You think she can stay with us tonight, Daddy?"

She felt him nod. "It would be rude otherwise, don't you think?"

Katara struggled to move, able to lean up only to plant a soft, almost shy kiss of thanks to his lips, sighing as his fingers caressed her cheek.

A heavy blanket was pulled up to cover them both as she began to shiver, and it was the last thing she felt before she lost herself to the deepest sleep she'd had in far too long.



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