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Title: Friendly Persuasion
Fandom: AtLA
Pairing: Jet/Zuko

Disclaimer: I own not, you sue not.


Friendly Persuasion


For the first time in three years, Zuko was retiring for bed without being ravenously hungry. He'd eaten like a man, nevermind a prince, thanks to the food he and Jet had robbed from the mess, and had somehow managed to wring a bath out of the deal in the communal washrooms. Jet had joined him, as a bit of a victory dance, and from there things had taken a turn for the strange but not altogether uncomfortable.

There was an unmistakeable look in the boy's eye as they had stripped and washed off the day's grime with rags and clay basins, the kind of gaze that he could feel raking his body as readily as he would a pair of hook-sword-calloused hands. It was...not something he was accustomed to, even when forced to bathe with others. But not something he found repulsive, either.

He was pulling off his tunic in order to bed down for the evening, when the hairs at the back of his neck stood on end, as they did whenever he knew there was someone behind him. Military instincts, left over from a time when he was still welcome within his own borders. He whirled around to meet the dark figure standing in the doorway of his and Iroh's tiny room.

It was Jet, leaning casually against the jamb, dressed down himself and chewing on a piece of field grass that Zuko dared not question where he got it. He smiled, raking his hair back with his fingers. "Wow, you're jumpy. Relax, I just came by to say goodnight."

Zuko looked back at the floor. "You didn't seem the pleasantries type."

"Mmm, ok, maybe not just goodnight." He pushed away from the doorjamb, sauntering into the room and kicking the door closed. "I have to say, you and I made a pretty good team today."

"I'll...concede to that, yeah," Zuko muttered, feeling those eyes on him again and suddenly very conscious of his lack of a shirt.

"A really great team." He grinned in a way that a wolf might while stalking a rabbit. "You ever thought about joining one? You know, strength in numbers. All that jazz."

Zuko shook his head. "I work alone. Mostly."

"Oh really?" he mused, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "Come on, you know what they say about lone wolves. It's far more difficult to make it out here without a pack behind you."

"Maybe. But it's also said they're more dangerous than any wolf with a pack. Because they have to be in order to survive."

Jet snorted. "So I take it that's a no?"

Zuko turned his back to him. "I'm sure you can figure it out."

A soft chuckle met his ears, and he felt a set of warm fingertips rest on the nape of his neck, in a soft caress that sent a shiver down his back and stripped all the moisture from his mouth in an instant. "Hmm. Looks like you might need a bit of persuading, then."

Zuko swallowed thickly. "Persuading?"

"Mm-hmm." Those fingers lightly scratched down his spine, and he felt the other boy lean close enough for soft breath to wash over his ear. "I'll be happy to show you some of the...perks...of running with the pack."

There was no way in Hell that he could have spent three years at sea with an all-male crew and not known what Jet was talking about. But as much as his pride wanted to turn around and punch him in the face for even suggesting it, the rest of him that hadn't known a good, hard fuck since...well...ever, really...was having none of it. Not when opportunity was knocking with a battering ram and he had been waiting for the call, if subconsciously, since he'd first met this dark-eyed kindred spirit.

Certainly not when the end of the stalk of grass Jet had been chewing on brushed ever so delicately against one of his flat nipples. Warm and wet and imitating a tongue well enough for his body not to care. He tipped his head back as he leaned into what was quickly becoming a sensual embrace, his breath starting to shudder and stumble. That not-a-tongue drifted across his chest to tease the other into the same tight bud as the first, before roving up his neck and across his trembling lips, in a way that was making his pants far too uncomfortable to wear much longer. His eyes slipped closed with a moan, body and mind both on fire.

The boy's chin rested on his shoulder, leaning in to nip at his neck with a grin he could feel through the action. "Something got your tongue?"

I wish...

God, what was he thinking?

He wasn't. Not as he leaned back and twisted just enough to let those lips melt onto his before he could even register it. Nipping and rubbing and suddenly his fingers were tangled in that soft hair and he was groaning like a wanton whore, letting the other boy's palms slide over his bare chest. He'd heard the old saying far too many times that nothing could compete with the imagination. And now he was pretty sure either a monk or a nun had said it, because goddamn. Nothing he'd ever imagined felt as good as this guy's hands on him. He wanted more. He had to have more or he was going to go insane.

He threw caution to the wind like a loosed arrow, turning around to face Jet properly, sucking on his bottom lip and sliding an eager hand inside the part of his tunic, backing him unconsciously toward the wall until that lean, firm body was squirming deliciously between them. Those hands slid down to his hips, fingers tangled in the fabric of his sleeping pants and pulling him into a hard, grinding rhythm that made Zuko growl into his mouth. That hair felt damn good fisted in his hands, the pressure and friction in just the right place as they arched against each other making his head swim in a way it never had before. God, this boy was perfect. Easy and perfect. He moved like he was made to do this, meeting and adjusting for each movement before Zuko even thought to make it.

He let it build on its own as they kept kissing and moving against each other. Let the sweat scent the air and their breathing turn ragged and hot, tipping his head back when Jet's lips and teeth scraped down his chin and throat. Nails raking white lines on his back, hands fumbling with the front of his pants as his own pulled and pushed Jet's tunic aside and off, not even hearing the rustle as it hit the floor. Jet's teeth pulled and sucked at an earlobe as he got the other boy's bothersome garment open, reveling with a shiver at the smooth, bare skin under his hands.

He only had a minute to savor it before those hot fingers slipped in the front of his pants, the contact setting off sparks behind his eyelids as they fluttered closed. Oh God. His hips met that hand with a moan that came from his toes, grinding into that grip as it wrapped around him with full, rough strokes. He took Jet's mouth forcefully with a gentle growl, already meeting that rhythm as his hands coursed over that soft skin and smooth, hard muscle. Jet responded with a velvety purr, just the sound making Zuko's hands tremble.

He adjusted his grip as he leaned further back against the wall, pressing and letting Zuko's cock thrust between his palm and bare abs, the new sensation making Zuko tip his head back for a gasp. Jet chuckled, leaning in to gently lick and suck the sweat off his neck, purring in his ear.

"Somebody's enjoying himself, isn't he?..."

Zuko didn't think he could stop even if he wanted to. The feeling, the tension, was too addictive. He grinned as he shifted his hips a little lower, pressing himself tight against the other boy and relishing the way his body went slack with a groan at the contact. "I'm not the only one."

"Got that right," Jet panted. "...Fuck..."

Zuko nipped his neck. God, he smelled good. "Hmm... That a plea?"

"That's a demand, you goddamn tease."

Zuko smirked, starting to undo and pull at the other boy's waistband. "Well since you put it that way... You bring anything?"

"Don't need it," he murmured. "I got more than enough practice at this."

Zuko gave him a soft nip of approval at his chin as he started to work those pants off him, letting him kick the bothersome things off his feet before he started on his own. He moaned softly as he nuzzled the boy's neck once they were both free of clothing, reaching behind him to grip one of those smooth cheeks. God, he looked good. Lithe and toned and carved out of a block of solid sex. Zuko slid two fingers along the cleft of that firm ass, nipping his throat again once he found what he wanted. First one finger, then two. Then three. Oh lord that was going to feel good. He was warm and snug, and just the keening sound he uttered through a bit lip at those fingers alone was enough to make Zuko's cock twitch against the boy's thigh.

"God, just do it," he rasped.

Zuko smirked. "How impatient we are. But if you insist..."

He slid those fingers out, wrapping a hand each around the back of a thigh and hefting Jet up against the wall, carefully lining himself up as he gripped his hip with one hand. The other reached up to fist in his hair, pulling him into a kiss he could drown in as he let the boy's weight sink him down onto his cock.

Oh God. Oh fuck. Warm and tight and deep, legs hooked over Zuko's hips and arms resting on his shoulders and dear sweet Agni he was purring and it just did not get better than this. That first tentative thrust made the boy whimper in his throat, but his body adjusted perfectly for it despite not having much leverage from his position. It didn't take long to get into a steady, strong rhythm that set the both of them murmuring between kisses. God, he was such a smooth, easy fuck. Relaxed and confident, meeting each move and making the most delicious sounds, hands caressing his face and shoulders as they continued to kiss, deep and sensual. His skin tingled under that touch, as he pulled tighter at the boy's hips.

"God, you feel good," he whispered, lips barely apart to speak. "You feel so fucking good..."

"So do you," Jet answered. "...God, yes..."

"Tell me," Zuko murmured as he pressed a kiss to his chin, grinning as he slid his fingers through that hair so he could look into those dark, half-lidded eyes. "Tell me how good it feels..."

Jet complied beautifully, beginning to whimper and moan as Zuko sucked and bit his neck and shoulders greedily, his hand reaching down to grasp the boy's rock-hard cock and stroke. Rough and full as he could, twisting his wrist and shifting so that Jet lay more against the wall. He groaned as he clung to Zuko's shoulders, his breath starting to skip and stagger.

"Oh God... Oh God more... H-Harder..."

Zuko smirked, pulling on his hip and pounding into him as much as he could from that angle. He looked so good, eyes glassy and clouded and his face and chest slick with sweat. Jet's hands were frantic now, and Zuko could feel his hips shuddering with each thrust. His moans were getting louder and harder, his body starting to arch fully into every movement. "Oh my God... Oh God please..."

Zuko nuzzled his head aside as he wound an arm in back of him for support, kissing his ear gently as he rubbed that little patch under the head of his cock where it met the shaft. "Yeah, that's it. Give it to me, I want it..."

It was only a couple more strokes before Jet stiffened, then buckled with sharp, strangled sound, and Zuko felt that body clamp so tight on him in hard spasms, and spurts of warm, thick fluid against his hand and stomach. He leaned back to look at that face, to watch his expression as his eyes slid closed and he collapsed against the wall. Still and spent, breath ragged and heavy. Beautiful. He'd never seen a more beautiful creature. Just looking at him made his still rock-solid cock twitch inside that heat.

Jet's eyes flitted open as he looked back at him, a grin spreading over his lips. "Your turn. What are you waiting for?"

Zuko didn't need to be told twice, starting again but a lot more gently on account of Jet's greater sensitivity. It didn't feel any less amazing, certainly not as he raised his hand to Jet's lips. The other boy's tongue snaked out to clean off the sticky white mess, moaning softly at the taste, the sight and sensation making Zuko's teeth catch his lip. Jet leaned forward, and he felt him tilt his chin up into another kiss. Warm and deep as the body he was carefully thrusting into. Languid and relaxed, those lips and tongue rubbing and sucking in a tangle of breath and wet warmth, as if his mouth was an ice cube Jet was trying to melt. It sent a shiver through him as he slid both arms around Jet's waist. The other boy cradled him in return, caressing his face and shoulders and stroking his hair.

"That's it, Li" Jet whispered against his lips, his voice like dark velvet. "Use me... Fuck me..."

Zuko whimpered against those lips at the sound of that name, his thrusts turning quicker and harder on reflex as he drew closer to that peak. It didn't take long, worked up as he was, for him to be the same shaking, mindless mess that Jet had been moments ago. And that's when those lips closed over his and that silky tongue slid into his open mouth and he came and it wasn't the usual earth-shattering run-over-by-a-chariot type of release that he was used to. This was deeper, stronger, but in a more subtle way. His body undulated against Jet's with the flow of energy through him, grasping the other boy close and moaning so deeply into the kiss he barely even realized it until his body began to shiver and soften.

Jet lowered his feet to the floor, pulling him in gently as he kept up those soothing, purring kisses. And that was good because Zuko doubted he could stand up fort another five minutes. Once he could finally hold himself up against the wall, he felt Jet kiss his temple.

"So...whaddya say? Still not interested?"

Zuko chuckled, tracing his lips with a trembling finger.

"Mmm... I'll think about it..."


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