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Title: What They Don't Know Won't Kill Them
Fandom: Avatar
Pairing: Zuko/Hakoda
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I own not, you sue not.


What They Don't Know Won't Kill Them


Zuko sat up to take first watch as usual, setting up for a pot of tea and stoking the blaze up higher. The jailbreak had been a success, despite near impossible odds. With Chief Hakoda free, he hoped, not only would they have the support of the Southern Water Tribe -- or what was left of it -- but perhaps Katara would finally give him a break and stop treating him like a time bomb about to go off any second. He puffed a lock of hair off his forehead, settling in for another long, boring night.

The sound of footsteps made him look up, and he smiled weakly as the firelight illuminated Hakoda's imposing figure. "Can't sleep?"

The man nodded, seating himself on a log next to Zuko and holding his hands out to the fire to warm them. "You...get used to not sleeping in that place."

Zuko frowned. "I'm sorry."

"What on earth for?"

"That you ever ended up in that hellhole. The invasion's failure was...largely my fault. If I hadn't sided with my sister at Ba Sing Se, she wouldn't have been able to warn anyone and you guys might have succeeded."

Hakoda blinked at him. "Zuko...there's no need to get ridiculous just because you finally figured it out. You made a mistake, yes, and there were huge consequences. But Sweet Spirits, you can't predict the future. You had no idea what was going to happen as a result."

Zuko sighed. "I should've at least known better than to trust my sister. About anything."

"Maybe, but it's all right now." A large, warm hand descended on his shoulder. "You've corrected your error, and now it's time to move on."

Zuko nodded, letting his eyes close as that heavy, warm touch slid over his shoulders, down his aching back. As though sensing the tension in the muscles there, strong fingers began to probe for pressure points, ever slowly starting to dig and knead in a gentle, rhythmic pattern.

He leaned forward, sighing in relief.

The muscle loosened gradually, and as it did those fingers dug in further with longer, harder motions. And it wasn't long before the first of many deep, ecstatic moans rose up in his throat.

"You like that?"

The voice was low. Rough and soft in a way that made him shiver. He nodded, barely managing a sound of approval.

"Good. Just relax..."

He did, letting this man and his very strong hands do whatever he pleased. He bit his lip softly to tame a louder sound as that touch worked down to his lower back, finding his breath tight and shuddery in his chest and a familiar warmth stirring...somewhere below those hands. He could feel the blood rise in his pale cheeks.

"I...haven't thanked you yet for breaking me out of that dungeon..."

Zuko let out that breath slowly, but dared not open his eyes. "Mmm... You're thanking me plenty..."

One hand continued to work those tired muscles and make his body want to melt off his seat and into a puddle of very happy goo, while the other slid up into his hair, stroking through it in a way that sent a shiver down his back that was not at all innocent.

"Am I really?" he heard him whisper. "Are you sure I can't do something else?"

It was not difficult to figure out, even through his relaxed and slightly pleasure-addled mind, what the man was driving at. And while the part of his mind that was still sane screamed that this was horribly wrong and no no no what if Sokka or Shen Yi help him Katara caught them and ohgod ohgod ohgod, most of him was getting rather worked up at that touch that had started to trace soft, gentle patterns on the back of his neck. With the tips of his nails.

All that ended up being his answer was a single, muted whimper.

It was all that was needed, really. The hand that had been massaging him brushed under his chin, tilting his face up and turning his head and before he knew what was happening, let alone was able to protest it, those soft, thick lips and hot breath were pressed over his in a deep kiss that robbed the very breath from his lungs.

He groaned, meeting that mouth in full, trembling hands rising to the man's powerful shoulders. Over the material of his tunic at first, but quickly abandoning guard as he felt a silky tongue licking his bottom lip. He opened his mouth for it, meeting him in a soft, wet coil and slipping his hand under the collar to feel that smooth bronze skin under his palm. A soft groan rewarded him, the sound of it making his hips squirm with a warm rush between them.

Hakoda sucked on his lips in a way that made him melt into those arms as they wrapped around him, one of those strong hands palming his chest through that thin material. He moaned into that mouth, feeling his eyes flutter at the sensation. Not just the warmth of his body or the solid strength of his hand or even the calluses on his palms that scraped through the fabric, but the feeling of being utterly safe and relaxed. That he could be as eager and desperate as he was to touch and be touched by this man in the most delicious ways possible, and nobody was going to judge him for it.

He gasped against that mouth as Hakoda's hand palmed lower, past his waist and between his thighs, which parted readily to let those fingers rub and squeeze his rock-hard cock in those same gentle, sweet strokes he'd used on his back. He parted from those lips for air, breathing tense as his hips arched into that touch. "Oh...Oh god..."

Hakoda leaned in, smiling and pressing soft, tender kisses along his neck. "Mmm... Somebody likes that..."

Zuko leaned his head back, offering himself utterly to it. "Yes..." he heard himself breathe. "Don't stop... Please..."

"Shhhh, I won't," Hakoda whispered, lips brushing the shell of his ear as that hand slipped inside his pants, thick fingers wrapping around him and starting to stroke him in long, languid sweeps from base to head. "Just breathe and relax. Let it feel good..."

He heard himself gasp, then moan at the sensation as those lips claimed his neck again, kissing and licking and sucking gently as that hand went at him, Hakoda's other arm supporting him against that firm body. He leaned back on that shoulder, biting his lips and trying not to be loud, not wanting his sleeping comrades to hear him.

It was the closest thing to Heaven he could possibly experience before actually dying.

His fingers tangled in Hakoda's hair, pressing him in closer to his neck as that hot coiling tension roiled in his stomach, begging wordlessly for deeper, more aggressive use of that mouth. He whimpered as the man's teeth scraped him, thumb sweeping around the head of his cock on the upstroke.

Oh god he was going to die. But it would be the happiest way to go in the history of ever.

He squirmed and writhed as Hakoda stroked him closer, that rhythm tightening as he sensed release approaching. Starting to pull and suck at his neck with fiercely gentle bites, growling softly below his ear in a way that made him feel as if he were being caressed from the inside out with the tips of the man's nails. "Don't fight it... Let it happen... Come for me..."

Zuko whimpered, breathed deep, panted and whined in the throes of those last strokes, until finally those lips smothered his and that tongue plunged into his mouth and he jerked and spilled into Hakoda's hand as that sweet, hard release crashed over him in breathless waves of pure, mind-melting bliss.

By the time those lips let him breathe and that warm hand finally left off his softening cock, he was a panting, boneless heap in the man's arms, eyes half open and barely remembering where he was until he registered the heat of the campfire and the dark sky above him dotted with stars.

Hakoda nuzzled his cheek, smiling. "Hmm... You enjoy that?"

Oh dear god what a stupid question. He nodded, purring at that breath on his face. Hakoda chuckled, gently gathering his limp, spent body and carrying him to his own room of the temple, laying him down in his bedroll with a gentle, soothing kiss to his lips that he almost fell asleep under.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'll take watch now."

Zuko merely nodded, powerless to do anything else, barely hearing it as Hakoda wished him good night. In moments, he'd drifted off into the deepest, soundest, most peaceful sleep he'd had in a very long time.

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